Computer Hardware Terminology
4 Way Server

4 Way Server, servers in a row.

What is a 4 Way Server?

A four way server generally provides better and faster performance, scalability and fault tolerance by supporting multiple CPUs.

Can you guess how many processors the four way server has . . . yep four.

Each of the four CPUs can carry out individual processes simultaneously. The terminology for the computer architecture used within a four way server is called Symmetric MultiProcessing or SMP for short.

They can work like four individual processor computers, or work together as a connected group to process a large job, or simply work as a backup for each other to increase fault tolerance by double checking each others results.

Four way Blade servers are ultra-slim servers that are stacked in a chassis side by side, much like books on a shelf.

Because they take up significantly less space than traditional rack servers, blade servers enable customers to reduce "server sprawl" and better manage their computing infrastructures.

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