Build easy website traffic!

Build easy website traffic for your website.

for fun, for business, for you!

Learning to build easy website traffic from scratch, cheaply, efficiently and successfully, for fun or for business, is no easy task.

To make a website successful, it has to have visitors. Otherwise it just don't exist on the world wide web. Well I mean your website would be there but how would anyone know, how could they find it.

By anyone I mean people outside your circle of friends and family. You know, surfers and searchers on the Internet.

If you're going to the trouble to make a website, even just a fun website, it will take the same amount of effort to do it right as it will to do it the wrong way.

The rewards in satisfaction alone will I promise you make it worthwhile when you see your visitor traffic growing steadily. (That then will open up new options for you, the choice is yours to take them or not.)

This is the traffic that Solo Build It (the build easy website traffic experts) know all about and how to get it. They are waiting to introduce you to the methods and technology you will have at your fingertips.

Web surfers search for content, information, for solutions. They are not looking specifically for your website or you as they don't know you exist (yet!). They are searching for your knowledge.

So you must let them have it. Converting your knowledge into in-demand content is your mission and purpose to succeed. To succeed online, you must start where they start, put your content in "the search". Put yourself in the searchers position.

Your content must rank at the Search Engines to attract lovely free, targeted (i.e., interested), open-to-you visitors. The free Search Engines (ex., Google, Yahoo! MSN) are your primary source of visitors and the cheapest.

All they want from you in return is good solid real content, get this right and you will rank high.

Build easy website traffic for your website.Basically, these future customers will pop up out of nowhere from all over the world and journey to "meet you" at your website. Now isn't that nice of them? These visitors are known as "Traffic", traffic is the life blood of all websites everywhere and it's so easy to do it right.

OK ok, so how do you do that, convert your knowledge into good solid flowing content. Well it may sound over simple but you just write it down. To build easy website traffic is that simple, just write more and more good, solid, real, content. How?

Imagine you having a conversation with someone you know, type out what you're both saying to each other. Have this conversation in your mind, or recall a real discussion you had recently. Then just type it out or write it down for typing up later.

This is important to get your content flowing to start with. Don't fret too much to start with about how it reads or looks, that's the next step. The pruning and tidying up is done when you have a tree to prune.

This important point I'm making here is to get over that writing hump/block/hurdle whatever you call it and get your content flowing. Maybe if you prefer, talk to a recorder by thinking aloud when doing other things. But get your information out of your head and onto paper, so to speak.

Solo Build It ensures that your web pages are correctly optimized for the search engine spiders, it also takes care of the search engine submission and monitoring etc. Thus leaving you free to concentrate purely on creating your website content.

Whether or not you are using Solo Build It (it's just a whole easier if you are) doesn't matter, you need to provide content to attract traffic to your website.

There are so many websites out there concerned with SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. They're all trying to convince you that optimizing your page (which of course they charge for) will get you visitors that they miss the point entirely.

You need pages to start with and the more the better, basic optimization checks are enough just to make sure your not breaking any Search Engine rules.

Rules like repeating your keyword far too often SEO's used to bend trying to build easy website traffic (called keyword stuffing). I said trying because this little SEO trick has now fallen by the way side because it doesn't work any more and hasn't for a long time.

Why? Because the Search Engines are getting smarter all the time, smarter at sifting out the dross and only listing good solid content. Don't fall for the SEO trick, and it is a trick to con you out of your money!

There is no lasting way to trick the Search Engines and some SEO 'tricks' will get you into serious trouble and get your website shutdown.

The only trick you need to build easy website traffic is to write good honest useful information that your visitors will be interested in and looking for. That and that alone will give you traffic whether you want it or not!

Have you got a website, E-commerce or Corporate online store already that you would like to build easy website traffic for. Some Solo Build It clients have spent $30,000+ on their main e-commerce sites. But in spite of that, their major source of traffic comes from their humble Solo Build It site.

Why not take the Traffic Test and see how your website is doing.

What's The Point?
None At All If You Don't Build Traffic.

It doesn't matter what your business or interest is, and it's completely irrelevant how perfect (and expensive) your e-commerce site may be. It's all completely pointless without an ever growing line of new customers... derived from visitors you developed and PREsold with your content.

Find out more about Solo Build It and build easy website traffic for yourself.

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