Do you want to build a
personal web site?

Would you like to know how I managed to build a personal web site?

Build a personal web site web site traffic graph

Well my friend, let me tell you a bit about myself
and how I got around to build a personal web site, very personal to me that is.

It's been a passion of mine to build a web site for quite some time. But I was quite put off by the hassle of getting it all together, there's so much red tape to go through.

Because no matter how you choose to build a web site, you need to also build web site traffic, otherwise what’s the point. Without traffic ie; visitors, you just don't exist on the world wide web.

Build a personal web site web site traffic graph

So that's probably ok, you wouldn’t expect a lot of traffic if you were to build a personal web site. But then again, what if you could build web site traffic, usable traffic, for the same effort. Well I don't like to half do a job, we all like to do our best, don't we?

Do you want to know more?

Yes, oh goody!
Let me explain a little bit of my recent and past history to you.

I’m new to forums, “yeah so what!” you say. Well the first forum I looked at and even within the first 10 viewings of posts on it I was moved almost to tears welling up in my eyes, that’s what!!!

What moved me that much is the account that follows.

I’m an electronic engineer by trade, that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do for a working life since as early as I can remember. The following little true story my mum told to me when I was in my late teens or early twenties, I forget exactly when now.

At the age of four on my birthday I was given a train which ran on batteries. This great train chugged it way across the floor and when it hit something, a foot, a wall or a table leg it would do a 90 degree reverse turn and carry on forward.

Now I was so enthralled with this toy that when it stopped working I pulled it apart (age four remember) to try and find out why it had stopped. Needless to say it never ran again.
I’ve since learnt that batteries do run out!

Ok so you’re thinking “what’s you’re point”, well the point is that I'm a doing sort of person so c’mon bear with me here for a while.

I would be quite happy to sit at a bench, designing and building circuits that do things. Even tinkering away to build a personal web site. But in this life we need something called money. So one had to get a job (damn it).

I have worked for big firms and small firms, financially buoyant firms and not so very financially buoyant firms (ha ha that covers my last position) and I’ve struggled to do ‘the job’. Struggled not because of the complexities that the job entails but because of the negativity of the people around me. More specifically the negative minority of people around me.

Even when these people are supposed to be helping me in my quest they are actually placing more obstacles in the way. So there I am stuck in working trying to get things done with some of the wrong people around, but you put up with it don’t you.

Now I’m the sort of bloke who’s first up to bar to buy a round, I’ll go out of my way to help someone I‘ll probably never see again. So negative people are not high on my list as potential fiends as you might imagine.

Over the years I’ve tried my share of the get rich quick schemes in an attempt to get out of the sphere of negative people. Only to find with hindsight that these schemes are peddled by this type of negative selfish people.

Of course I’m doomed before I start because they’re not interested in my success. Their interest extends only as far as just getting the dough out of ya. Even if I was only trying to find information on how to build a personal web site.

Even so, I’m not bitter I went in (several times) with my eyes open and came out with less cash then put it down to experience. So I gave up with doing that and carried on with my working life. (I’m getting to the point trust me)

That all brings me to where I am now, just over forty with a wealth of knowledge and designs gleaned from my working life and no one to tell about it all. Well, I have tried telling my daughter but at seventeen her answer is “I don’t know what you’re going on about Dad”. My son, he’s ten and more into football, which I’m not at all, so no joy there.

PING (an idea) “I know build a personal web site!” (Yeah ok not an original idea). But why build a personal web site, why not build a web site for a business. Ah yes, that’s why, I’d have to build web site traffic which is not something I know how to do.

Now although I know three programming languages and I am an accomplished surfer, I knew nothing about HTML and website building at this point. So I’ll need some help to build a personal web site, let alone to build a web site for business. AND how on earth do I build web site traffic.

OH NO, I’ve got to throw myself back into the arena of negative selfish people again only interested in as far as my bank balance goes, it’s all getting too much . . . So I didn’t!

For ages I put it off and off, but I wanted to build a personal web site. Initially for my pleasure and education and then maybe I could expand it into a business site. You know, once I know what I am doing (thinking positive here), so I eventually bit the bullet, in my mind.

Now all my past experience came into play and first of all research was needed, I wanted to know the ins and outs of how to build a web site in order to choose the right host, the right domain name, the best web site build software and the right way to go about it in total.

So back to my trusted Copernic searching beastie, (I like Copernic because it uses multiple engines). So I started looking for web site build software and methodology and the 'how to build a web site' write-up sort of thing from people whom had done it. I was having second thoughts around now.

Now as you may gather by now, I am pessimistically optimistic. As an example, most things that sound too good to be true usually are. BUT you never know until you look so I looked!

AND looked AND looked until I eventually came across a web site host called Solo Build It (SBI). Which I must say, sounded far too good to be true.

The more I looked into this SBI the more it sounded like crap, over exaggerated claims, a scam, a get rich quick scheme . . . yeah only for the author.
Who is this Ken Evoy bloke anyway, how come I’ve never heard of him until now?

Of course I was thinking all of this only because I could not believe what he/they were claiming that the web site build software could do and with hosting chucked in an’ all. So I checked out all I could about SBI and Ken Evoy and it seemed credible.

Ok I thought “so they’ve exaggerated their claims a bit, that’s sales for ya aint it?”

It can’ t be that good, could it?

Then SPLOSH, I took the plunge, through curiosity and positive hope I signed up for it.
Got the welcome email and started following the info therein . . . .

All of a sudden, while progressing through the process to build a personal web site into reality a warm feeling was spreading through me. It was like someone had turned on my personal central heating and whacked the thermostat up to the max.

It was taking shape, I am going to build a personal web site, maybe I’ll even build web site traffic.
“NO” I thought after a while, I’m going to build a web site proper!

OH MY GOD I was thinking, even when not at my computer, all those statements I previously thought to be exaggerations were in fact UNDERSTATEMENTS. I was spurred on with such a positive charge I felt I’d had a shock, (that I was used to in electronics but not while on the computer!)

I told my friends about my exciting find but they weren’t that interested, I suppose you had to be there. Still they couldn’t shut me up.

"I’m gonna build a web site!"

“I’m gonna build a personal web site!"

"I will, I am... You see my website grow!"

My excitement over finding SBI was and still is that much, as you can see.

Ah yes the point, ok.It’s been just four months since I joined the SBI collective, now I can quite honestly say never in all of my history have I ever come across people helping each other for the common good like this. BUT the fact that there’s such a HUGE mass of people exuding such attention to detail in helping each other blows my mind.

It was the complete absence of negativity in what I was reading that moved me that much. I was astounded, people who I have never met, helping people, who in time will help people they have never met.

Paying it forward is such a great philosophy but I’ve never found it . . . before now. If you don’t know what I’m talking about watch the film
‘Pay it forward’ with Kevin Spacey.

Anyway, four months on (August 2006) I have a website, I still know virtually nothing about the technicalities of getting a website online AND I have visitors. Lovely good people like yourself and my visitors are growing at a rate of roughly doubling each month. (Over 800 page hits in August!)

But I’ve stuck to my plan ‘to build a personal web site’ and I’m well on the road to build web site traffic, as you can see from my traffic graph. As for the business bit, early days yet, but I'm really enjoying the satisfaction of having that made it myself feeling when telling people about it.

I am amazed at the results I have achieved in such a small amount of time. Thanks to my web site host/how to build a personal web site guide/how to build web site traffic guide/how to build a web site, guide and guru!!!
In short SBI, check it out!

It’s the best way to build a personal web site, NO it's the only way to build a personal web site. SBI is without a doubt, the best web site build software around, it’s the only web site build software worth looking at, you just need to look for yourself. WHY? Because it works! No other web site host comes close!

- SBI is not just a web site host, that would be like saying this McLaren F1 is just a car.

- SBI over delivers at everything just like this lovely McLaren F1 sports-car icon, you will get more than you bargained for, A LOT MORE!

- Six months ago I had never gone past just surfing the Internet.
- Now I can do all this. WHY . . . . . . . . . NO . . . . . . . . SBI

I am very pleased and proud of my achievement! As you may gather.

This is a certified traffic ranking by and it's real.
Not bad in such a short space of time out of over nearly 150 million websites!!!

I know you’re probably thinking ‘what’s he on’ but like me you’ll never know unless you look, it never hurts to look. Knowledge is never wasted.

You owe it to yourself to compare this to anything else available if you want to build a website, with traffic, worth building. Site-Build-It has got it covered, for newbies and pros alike.

Perhaps you have a local business and you don't think it's worth the effort to build a website?

Maybe you would like to have a look at the actual action guide I followed in order to build a personal web site.

Everybody has got a passion about something, you can use your passion to build web site traffic.

See the proof (Yes PROOF!) that SBI works! I did in the beginning, but I’ve got it first hand now. How many web host provide solid verifiable PROOF?

Of course you’ll have questions. Ask away.

Find out all about the mysterious C-T-P-M process that works. Once you read this the mystery is all blown away!

Then compare SBI to the rest! Go ahead, then get started on your dream, build a website, build website traffic. Build a future.

I suppose you want to try it FREE first to get an idea of how good the products are? You know, before you launch headlong to build a personal website without looking back.

What are you waiting for?
Perhaps a full money back guarantee! Go on, Go and have a good read of it then come back here.

You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Build a personal web site.
Build a professional web site.
Build web site traffic.

It's as easy as ABC, with SBI.

Have a look at the Solo Build It Home page.

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