Manage mass-orders
with confidence.


You will manage this major benefit with the help of the information from your personal specification of machine information system.

You will know how your machines have been producing over the last days, weeks and months, based on your own solid reliable information. You would have average and peak production figures so you can reliably predict faster delivery times for smaller orders.

This is a very big advantage and benefit, to know your production capacity almost to the minute. Because you will be able to predict with confidence when your machines be able to fully process any given size of order. Small or large.

Something your competitors won't be quite so confident about and while they're erring on the side of caution with thier long delivery times to assure completion. You can sneak in past them with decisive confident promises of delivery.

BINGO! You get the order!
Delivering when you promise, then gets you a repeat order and then a recommendation order, that's three orders for the promise of one.

WHY! Because you delivered when you said you would!

Just because you know what you can do, but also what you can't.
Well that is what it's all about after all, manage your orders, don't let them rule you.
Beat your competitors through good, reliable, recommendable service.

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