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Please feel free to send us an promotional inquiry email via this page if you have any questions on machine information systems at all.

To confirm your inquiry is alive a response to your letter of inquiry will be echoed back to you. This free inquiry service is to help you make a start to solving your problems, so feel free to ask about anything this website covers.

We will reply to the majority of requests within 24hrs through our inquiry management system, but if it takes a bit longer please bear with us. It may be we have to do some research to answer your inquiry fully.

In any event we will reply.

Also, for your assurance.
We WILL NOT give any of your details to any third party without your express permission. In the event of referrals, we will give you the contact information of a third party for your use.

We are totally against spamming and strive to be nothing but a useful site to you. This is the reason for using a contact form rather than posting an email address on this site.

A contact form keeps your information more secure because it cannot be diverted and can only send information to the one place that it's programmed to do.

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This free inquiry service is for all questions and inquiries throughout this site, so please don't be shy.

This form should be used for all the following types of inquiry,
inquiry management system, trade inquiry, business inquiry, new inquiries, order inquiries, product inquiry, soft inquiry, hard inquiry and even skeptical inquiry.

Any information and inquiry details will be kept within the scope of this website. A promotional-inquiry for the Manufacturing Links Directory will be followed up on-line via the inquiring website.

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