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Small order manufacturing and production will be begging for efficiency. Productivity improvements for a small “made-to-order” manufacturing environment does not just include kitchen table industries.

There is not a great deal that has been written on productivity and production improvements for “small made-to-order” manufacturing environment. Usually dominated by small manufacturing companies.

Unlike large the large manufacturing companies which are much more capable of applying just-in-time (JIT) philosophies to ensure high profits through productivity gains. Small companies on the other hand still face specific problems in their production planning and control.

This is mostly down to their limited available resources. This can present some very effective corrective actions which can create tremendous impact for a small made-to-order manufacturing company. If these actions can be implemented easily and within a short time frame, vast improvements can be achieved over the competition.

As a result (necessity being the mother of invention) small order manufacturing and production companies tend to be very efficient by nature. But that's not to say there could be no room for improvement.

Small companies face specific problems in their production planning and control, probably due more to suppliers than anything else. Yes that's not fair I know, but small supply orders don't get priority over large orders, do they!

Small order manufacturing at the very smallest level is only too well demonstrated by the circumstances of the poor, in the lesser developed countries of the world. It is a fact that millions of poor people worldwide already derive their livelihood from small scale manufacturing activities. Yes I know it's a far cry from a manufacturing company.

But, the technologies, policies and practices that enable poor women and men engaged in small scale manufacturing to better their lives by earning more for what they produce and spending less for what they need for production and consumption. Is in fact a very good study for any manufacturing company, small or large or enormous.

There is need for poor people (all over the world) to obtain a greater control and influence within the production of goods and services they need and use, whether the production is by themselves or other third party's.

Some manage this goal through substantial active participation in the productive operations that supply local, as well as global markets.

Manufacturing operations that enable participation in production by poor people or otherwise, whether in farming, mining, fishing, packaging or processing, are in this regard important to any manufacturing operation. Whether it is a small order manufacturing operation or a multi-national global empire, the principals are the same.

The majority of small order manufacturing and production companies involve five or less people in the entire operation. From the purchase of material and components through manufacture and on to packaging and dispatch.

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