System Integration . . .

System integration smooth like chocolate

Smoooooth and seamless like chocolate!

Should we pay much attention to System Integration?

Oh god yeah!

You must pay homage to System Integration, absolutely!

The smoothest and seamless of transitions here will kick all other systems

System integration kick in the pants in the pants!!

Well yeah! Who wants to upset the apple cart?

You wouldn't want to be launching into a machine or management information system and stuffing up your daily reports etc now would you?

No of course not, stupid question.

(I hope you like chocolate by the way!) ;-)

So how do you go about protecting your daily reports and programmed routines from the new kid on the block, the machine information system!

Well, quite easily really, it's all a question of change or compatibility, because you'll want one or the other on your side at the system commissioning point.

Right what and where will we need it to be compatible then?

That's simple, information, information, information....
The data files and reports sent out from your new machine information system needs, without a doubt, to load straight into your existing database stuff.

If it won't, get them to change it!!

Of course, if you have done your homework, you won't have got this far to start with, without having cover this side of things. So that's what you're doing now isn't it! Doh!!

Ok I'll carry on with my top tips for smooth system integration, starting with database files I think. Mainly 'cos they are the most relevant, I'm sure you'll agree.

System integration Data entry

Your database files of machine production data, maybe being compiled by hand at the present.

You know,
the old tap the numbers in the keyboard way.

Yes you're so right! Boring isn't it entering data like that, it should be called a key-bored data entry.

AND it's not that accurate either, human error is so easy to do and miss when checking afterwads.

You should see some of the smelling miscakes I make sometims :-)

Ok yeah, probably a bit overboard on the fubar's there but you can see my point.

I mean you know that was deliberate right!

But the fact is, it is so easy to miss typo's even on a second check over when you're really looking for them.

Soooo your information is not going to be much good if it's wrong, if fact it may end up worse than none at all! Granted probably only in extreme cases.

Even so, the system integration side of things won't even get off the ground.

So hey then, it's got to be better if it's done automatically...
And with a machine information system it is, which is all well and good isn't it.

Provided it's gonna fit where you want it to fit. Into your existing spread sheet package for example.

This is what system integration is all about, this is one of the first points you need to stand your ground on.

(There's probably going to be more)

Demand excellence here, no I don't think that's to stronger word.

Demand a smoooooth and seamless system integration.

You may have been told in the past, "but it only outputs data in this xxxx format". Well, it's your information, have it how you need it!

I'm going on about it a bit because it's a very important point to get right in the first place.

Ok, 'nuff said about data output.

So what about system integration into your production machines, do you really want to change the way you work?

No, I think not, the methods you use obviously work otherwise you wouldn't be in a position to install a machine information system.


I would, if you will allow me just make a slight comment here, always look for ways of improvement. Just because every thing is running well, one of the reasons of machine information systems is improvement.

System integration going in the right direction Even if you don't find any, it's still worth popping your head above water and having a look around to make sure you're still going in the right direction.

It never hurts to keep an eye on things, don't you think.

Where to now then?

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