USB printer to
parallel port converter.

USB printer to parallel port converter, USB to parallel printer cables.

USB to parallel converter cable review.
Manufactured by 'Sabrent'.

If you’ve been looking for a USB printer to parallel port converter thingy that works really well and that’s invisible in use? This one will suit you down to the ground then, it’s also one of the cheaper ones surprisingly.

If like me you’ve been a victim in the advances in technology with laptops and notebook PC’s, you know what I mean, you’ve just spent a week deciding on a new laptop (or desktop) computer and you go to plug your printer in and “OH NO” where’s the printer port?

Well bucko there aint one!!! That’s the catch these days they’ve dropped the old ports from computers because they’re too big or rather the connectors for them are. That’s the leaps and bounds of technology for ya, it’s seems unfair but it always ends up costing more for us to keep with technology.

BUT don’t fear ‘cos I’m here! You see with machine information systems you like and sometimes need to be able print the information data gathered by the system. Whether it be for a report or for your own use it can be a pain in the butt if you can’t get a hard copy. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that!

Like I said you’re not the first to have this little problem, I have too (along with loads of others no doubt). This puts me in the position to help you out because I’ve tried a few of these leads mainly because there’s several places I use them and I don’t want to keep unplugging and pluggin ‘em in again. So I buy several different ones and check ‘em out for you.

Now you’re not going to want to know the ins and out of every one are you? Just the cheapest one that works perfectly.
That’s what I thought, so this USB printer to parallel port converter lead made by ‘Sabrent’, I think is the one you’ll be wanting, why?

Well er, to put it in a nut shell, it’s cheap and works perfectly!
What more could you want?

I’ll tell you a bit about how and where I’m using this USB printer to parallel port converter. I found myself with a nice new HP Pavilion Notebook PC about six months ago, (which, incidentally I can thoroughly recommend by the way) but on inspection, yep, it was without a printer port.

This'll be just like pretty much all of laptop or desktop computers now, they'll have quite a number of USB and other types of connections but no 25 pin ‘D’ type parallel port connector for a printer.

So what’s the cheapest, quickest easiest solution? Get a USB printer to parallel port adapter lead, which I did, it arrived within two days of ordering! Yeah wow I was impressed too!

I have my trusty HP Laserjet 4 Plus printer at home, which may I add, they only sell toner for nowadays but I won’t get rid of it or upgrade ‘till I REALLY have to. Because it still prints lovely razor sharp copies.

Anyway on plugging the USB printer to parallel port converter into the printer and my nice new shiny HP Pavilion notebook PC. It worked, my notebooks running XP Windows and as such, installed the software drivers needed automatically.

What a joy to find something that works that easily. I was able to be printing docs within two minutes of connecting it up. Excellent I thought to my self and I can’t see that you would have any more of a problem since Windows XP and Windows 2000 covers most, if not all of the older printers.

I haven't been using this USB printer to parallel port converter cable as long as I have the IO Gear USB to RS232 cable adaptor (three years plus) that I have also reviewed. Still, I have got two of them and both have been performing just fine for about six and four months respectively. But even that length of time is long enough to know they’re good.

Oh yeah just thought I’d mention it, as well as this USB printer to parallel port converter cable, Sabrent also do a USB to RS232 cable, I’ve not used this one but there are reviews from people whom have. It is a very cheap lead so I would read the reviews first, because you never know.

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