What's the benefits information
systems can give.

Benefits information systems can give

With Machine Information Systems

The benefits information systems and machine management all rolled together with information technology can give is rather obviously an important point.

You need to know this, don’t you!
Otherwise, why bother with machine information systems at all!

Let outline some advantages to start with and we'll go from there... OK!

·> Streamline business operations and production.

·> Manage mass build-to-order parts.

·> Global visibility of plant operations and performance

·> Streamline information sharing and collaboration

·> Increase efficiency and reduce wastes

·> Maintain plant organization and control

·> Improve business and production processes

·> Reduced Costs

·> Increased Quality

·> Increased Visibility

·> Improved Customer Service and Supplier Responsiveness

·> Form or improve your employee benefit system.

WoW! That's a long ol' list but a good start if it covers all that lot, don't you think?

Maybe some of these could help form part your employee benefits information package, investing in a machine information system will be good for them as well through efficiency. Don't forget the workers.

Let's discuss the more visible benefits information can give from actually using a system, we'll also see there are some hidden fringe benefits information gems hidden in there too.

You, as the viewer, would see on first glance at the screen, which of your machines are running. Then a further little look-see would tell you which ones are producing and at what rate per hour.

Go on, be nosy and dig a bit deeper. Oh look, of all your machines that are running are all doing so at over 95% efficiency. Excellent... Have a little dance around the office. Ok ok, that bit's optional. :-)

So from just one look you can see which machines are running, how well they’re running and at what rate. So that’s quite beneficial already, you can be smug all day now ha ha.

Now lets delve a little deeper into those changing numbers. Let's make about a week later now, don't want to ruin that smugly feeling too soon. Right, say one machine you notice is at 70% efficiency, it’s making too much scrap.

"You naughty little machine you!" But it doesn't respond well to being told off either!

This has now highlighted one of your machines is sick. Oh dear! Would you have noticed it otherwise, I mean it was still chugging along, although a delicate shade of green, poor thing.

This built in heath care plan is one good feature to keep your machines running at their peak efficiency. Because if they’re not, it’s costing you money in waste product, electricity, labor and postpones delivery times, not even counting the machine doctor!!! (The service engineer).

Now can you see in that little example, the biggest benefits information can give you quite rapidly?

I just know you’re thinking ‘TIME’ aren’t you? Well done you, get a coffee and keep smiling and feeling good, I'll wait for you to get your coffee, not a problem.

Carrying on then, if you were to have thought time;
Time that is from having to remake the waste product to fulfill the order.
Time from running the machine at an effectively slower rate (due to making waste) per hour, so what you were making took longer.

Time is one of the biggest benefits information can give you simply because time is the only thing we can’t have twice. There’s even a time saving in you getting the information because it happens in real time.

The benefit here is not having to wait for time sheets to be gathered in and entered into the computer. You info about all your machines is there right away, in front of you, constantly updating. So you can get the machine Doc in there really quick and get 'Mac' the machine up and running on all six cylinders again.

But what if you don't have a machine health care system installed yet. You wouldn't see what’s going on with 'Mac' now.

Let’s just see what would happen with the machine that dropped to 70% efficiency at mid morning and didn’t get noticed for the rest of the day because you haven’t got a system.

No one noticed because the machine is still running, then it would only get noticed at the end of shift when those production sheets come in.

If it would normally run at 1000 units per hour, on 8-hour day, mid morning means it could have ran defective for a total of six hours at only 70%.

70% = losing 300 units per hour, times 6 hours = 1800units.

That’s 1800 units not produced, or worse still produced as scrap.

On one fault, on one machine, in one day and (unless you have more) just one factory.
Now apply that to your personal situation and see how much it would have saved you.

So you got the system to see what your machines had produced in the day. There’s an example based on what it hadn’t produced. Ordinarily you may have thought, ‘productions down today, I’ll have to look into that tomorrow’.

But with a system installed, you saw it happen, put it right, got back up to full speed again AND only made 300 units scrap instead of 1800! Well that’s got to be another excellent benefits information has to give, hasn’t it?

Now multiply that over all your machines, every day, then a system starts to look very attractive don’t you think. Of course that’s without all the other information your specification called for.

Lets look at it from another direction. All your machines run well normally so you included job completion prediction in your specification. This gives you the confidence to quote the best delivery times you can to your customers and stick to them.

You would then help build a well-deserved reputation for on time deliveries, which would get round by word of mouth. You can’t buy that sort of recommendation, your wise investment in the benefits information can give would now be benefiting your business reputation...Most excellent!

Ah there is an invisible benefit here for you too. That the system is effectively paying for itself. How?

Let's see then, you got a system installed and it’s already helping you with planning delivery times, overtime working, maximizing your working capacity.

Now you discover through analyzing the information, a machine fault and as a result get it put right, quickly. So it’s actually paying for itself by saving you money in keeping scrap and down time to a minimum.
Outstanding!! Return on your investment.

I’m sure by now you can see the importance of your specification to get the information that you most desire. This is returned several fold just by the inherent ability of a system to show up possible problems and make accurate predictions on the same set of data.

Absolutely marvelous, how did you manage without one?

This is but a small demonstration highlighting the benefits information can give from a machine information system, it is of course far from exhaustive.

Do you want to know about RS232 serial data link?

What would your specification be?

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