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Hi there,
Welcome to the Machine Information Systems (MIS) web site.
Now I know Introductions are a good place to start!

However answer me this, how would you like to be sitting at your desk in your cosy office and be able to see whats going with all the workshop floor production equipment? Wouldn't that be good?

Here, a Management Information Systems (MIS) machine shop projects is taken seriously and with a passion. Not forgetting an unfailing attention to detail.

If an MIS project is what you're looking into, you're in the right place!

My plain simple aim on this site is to give you reliable information about these systems.

The information given on this site is intended to be factual, waffle free, useful stuff. Now you see if it's not! (Check out this websites approved manufacturing links directory! now for direct and fast solution assistance)

Find out the nitty gritty details of:

When you're digging around in a panel like this, installing a new MIS, you're gonna want to know it's gonna work.
Don't you agree, yeah?

This is a tried and tested collection of sound information and methods on the good, the bad and the ugly, (MIS) information systems around.

The improvements and advantages that come from a matched specification MIS are unparalleled.

Or... Maybe you're just interested in how they work and what they can do?

Perhaps as a custom machine builder this is a machine shop project you would like to incorporate into your equipment from the design stage.

Whether you’re at the manager end, or the operator end, well-suited machine or management information systems can be a valuable addition to any factory or production environment. A badly matched MIS can be a pain in the bank balance.
(You'll notice that at pay rise time! They don't just benefit the Boss!)

We (you and me) will look into the advantages and disadvantages of cabled and wireless connection. Covering from simple information systems indicator layout to full blown wireless data logger system with time and attendance monitoring, on the journey through this site.

We won't miss out any hardware or software issues, or what sort of information you can or can't get out of 'em. We'll cover the cost and savings of such systems both initial and long term.

There's also an every growing FAQ page for quick answers to which thingy does what AND examples of signals and connection methods.

What more could you want?

OH. . . Please forgive me for blowing my own trumpet a bit. I have been instrumental in the design, construction, installation and commissioning of many machine shop projects and control systems, including many machine information systems, in industry for over 20 years.

Through this site, I can share my wealth of knowledge and experience,
with you.

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Please Note:
Rome wasn't built in a day! So as this site is and will always remain a work in progress, if you can't find exactly what you're looking for please let us know.

Thank you for your patience in the mean time. Please continue to visit frequently to view the ever-increasing pages of quality information.

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Please note:
As this site is under going a complete review you will notice some reordering of certain pages and menus. Also the addition of lots more very informative related pages as this revamp unfolds over the next few months. To see the very lastest pages added and updated, go straight to our machine blog page.

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Machine Information Systems(MIS)
This is the information system for the latest pages, pictures an' info updates on this ever growing forefront of really useful information about Machine and Management Information Systems (MIS).
The Machines 'In the box' page series of bits and pieces.
Machines bits and pieces with emphasis on the machines side of things, what’s hot and what's not. Also what else you can do!
The Information 'In the box' page series of bits and pieces.
Information bits and pieces with emphasis on the information side of things, what’s hot what’s not!
The System 'In the box' page series of bits and pieces.
System bits and pieces with emphasis on the machine side of things, what’s hot and what's not. Also what else you can do!
Introduction to Information Systems in Business.
An objective introduction to Information Systems (IS) in business, flowing through the aims and objectives, then on to general introductions, technology, networks, applications, developement.
Automation - machines and data.
Automation puts the machine in control. Not as simple as it may seem, all posibilities have to be taken into account., effects on costs, safety, unemployment.
The benefits information systems and machine management can give.
The benefits information systems and machine management can give, choosing and using a machine information system.
CNC machine shops, specifically CNC machine milling could made for M.I.S.
Why CNC machine shops are very suitable for machine information systems?
Custom machine builder? You need to know about machine information systems?
An insight for a custom machine builder or refurbishment of used industrial machine tools. Why do you need to know about machine information systems?
Machine data collection methods and data presentation formats.
Machine data collection, type and format of data presentation.
MIS Definitions
Definitions relating to Machine and Management Information Systems (MIS). Including benefits, automation, production, specifications, system hardware, system software, message displays and much more.
Displays for Machine Information Systems
Machine Information Systems types and methods of displays, information feedback of up to the sencond data gathered.
Electrical circuit examples of tapped signals and electrical wiring diagrams.
Electrical circuit examples for tapping machine signals and electrical PLC wiring diagrams.
Electronic Control
Electronic control circuits, get wet and invlolve yourself with the likes of transistor, resistor, doides, capacitors and integrated circuits.
Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) on all aspects of machine information systems
Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) on all aspects of hardware and software on this site
Computer hardware of machine Information systems.
Computer hardware with respect to machine information systems. Diggin' a bit deeper!
Are machine shop projects you’re responsibility?
Which machine shop projects would produce a good machine shop tool utilising a machine information system.
<strong>Mechanical Engineering</strong> is not surprisingly one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines. Common usage meaning of mechanical is that of a device having parts that perform...
What is a PLC. Who uses them and what for? Learn how to program!
PLC exposed, the meaning of the letters PLC, how they run with basic program example.
Levels and types of production that benefit from a system
Levels of munufacture and types of production discussed
SENSORS : Most machines have these to monitor whats happening.
A sensors eye look into the machine! Sensors are devices that converts a change or point of motion into a readable electrical signal, they are a type of transducer, Photocell, Proximity, Laser, Sonic.
Computer software, good and bad points
Machine information systems computer software probed to the right depth. See what makes 'em tick.
Specification points discussed for good value machine information systems.
Weeding out a specification for a machine information system that suits your needs.
The Cost of Machine Information Systems.
Machine Information System costs explored. Recommendations of cost effective equipment discussed.
System Suppliers & Supplies
System suppliers and supplies of electronic and electrical components, parts and equipment.
Technical - Machine Information Systems
Machine Information Systems Technical page for information on RS232, comunications, schematics, all the things that make it all work and hold an information system together.

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