Introduction to Information Systems

Introduction to Information Systems in Business

in business!

Introduction to Information Systems (IS):
Aims and Objectives:

The aim of this section is the introduction of information systems to individuals and organizations. With the intention to raise the general awareness and understanding of computer based information systems and business informatics.

The reasons why Information Technology and Information Systems are crucial to modern organizations and thus subject to professional management. How a machine management system can improve production and manufacturing processes.

The objectives are to cover design, information systems implementation and usage while utilizing existing IT within a typical business computer network.

The factors influencing information systems engineering. Influential 'Information Systems Development: Methodologies, Techniques and Tools' with consideration to the level of global advance .

Flowing through the following topics:

Introduction to Information Systems - Introductions
Defining varying types of information systems, point of purpose for using them and the motivational needs which led to initial development.

Installation of an information system can prove to be a considerable project so are they worth the cost, interruption and effort?

Introduction to Information Systems - Technology
The factors influencing information systems engineering. Influential 'Information Systems Development: Methodologies, Techniques and Tools'.

Databases are at the heart of modern commercial application development. Their use extends beyond this to many applications and environments where large amounts of data must be stored for efficient update and retrieval.

Introduction to Information Systems - Networks
All businesses use telecommunications and the Internet as a matter of course these days, it has become the norm and a must for business operations in this day and age.

Are there viable alternatives, if so, how effective would they be within the current market constraints?

  • Networking:
    • Introduction to Business Telecommunications.
      • Overview of Business Telecommunications and Networks.
      • Technical Telecommunications Alternatives.
    • The Internet and Electronic Commerce.
      • The Internet and Business.
      • Fundamentals of Electronic Commerce.
    • Intranets, Extranets, and Electronic Collaboration.
      • Intranets and Extranets in Business.
      • Enterprise Collaboration Systems.
Introduction to Information Systems - Applications
Information and data storage are crucial to any business operation. The choice of applications to provide such a service seems endless.

Are they worth the cost and time of implementation with the strategic advantage they give?

  • Applications:
    • Information Systems for Business Operations.
      • Business Information Systems.
      • Transaction Processing Systems.
    • Information Systems for Managerial Decision Support.
    • Information Systems for Strategic Advantage.
      • Fundamentals of Strategic Advantage.
      • Strategic Applications and Issues in Information Technology.
Introduction to Information Systems - Development
Developing and managing information systems utilizing information technology, making secure and ethical changes to business.

The question of social acceptance to advancing methods of operation on the global scale and the impact it will have.

  • Development and Management:
    • Developing Business Solutions with Information Technology.
      • Developing Information System Solutions.
      • Implementing Business Change with Information Technology.
    • Enterprise and Global Management of Information Technology.
      • Managing Information Resources and Technologies.
      • Global Information Technology Management.
    • Security and Ethical Challenges of Information Technology.
      • Security and Control Issues in Information Systems.
      • Ethical and Societal Challenges of Information Technology.

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