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Machine Information Systems

Machine information systems
explanatory definitions covering related subjects
defining exactly what we are talking about.

Definitions describe exactly what we are talking about, a definition is a formal descriptive passage, explaining the meaning of a word or phrase. The word or phrase, also referred to as the term to be defined, is called the definiendum.

The main bind with the difficulty in creating a definition is needing to use other terms that are already understood or whose definition are easily obtainable. The use of the term in a simple example may suffice.

By contrast, a dictionary definition has additional details, typically including an etymology showing snapshots of the earlier meanings and the parent language. Etymology is a study of the history of words also how their form and meaning have changed over time.

Like other words, the term definition has subtly different meanings in different contexts. A definition may be descriptive of the general use meaning, or stipulative of the speaker's immediate intentional meaning. On these pages we will be using the descriptive of the general use meaning. (Relieved?)

This is where you can find out in no uncertain terms what's being talked about. The subjects covered here are described in the context and relation to the website theme of course, but hold good without stating that. I just like to be clear as possible.

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