What’s the cost of a good

Machine information system cost

'value for money' system?

Of course we all want to keep the cost down so the best price is the cheapest one right . . .

So lets say you’ve decided you want a system, this is why you’re doing this research on lots of related sites. Then you’ll appreciate there is going to be a price tag involved but there’s no point spending more than you need to get exactly what suits your setup.

Before we look into the cost of a system, have you done your homework and viewed all the pages on this site plus quite a few other sites related to machine information systems? Come on be honest.

- No!
You better investigate some more.
You wouldn’t want to make a choice without being well informed.

- Yes!
Well done, we can proceed further.
Lets look into the real for a system that covers all the bases. For example it’s easy to use, upgradeable, covers expansion and contraction of system, caters for all your machines. In fact does what you want it to do now and what you may want it to do in the future.
But most of all, delivers the information that you want.

It’s fairly true to say that most of the systems around are aimed at large and/or multi-site companies with integrated stock control and do cost quite a bit of money. But hey! What about the little guy? For a small to medium firm with up to 100 machines the choice seems to be limited. Fear not, that’s where the modular system comes in.

A modular system is also very good choice even for those large multi-site firms whom want the information but don't want all the fancy integration. This would be the large firm that's got to that size by being careful with the cash flow.
Well, nothing wrong with that!

A modular system will easily take care of expansion and contraction of a system. This type of system could be seen as the lowest priced or entry level of systems around because you don’t need to pay for expansion space.

Most of the money you'll pay goes into the host or master program that is used to produce and display your information. This is because the modules are ‘standardized’ and added as and when needed.

The main monetary advantage of a modular system is in the initial outlay. Not all suppliers but some will let you purchase a ‘starter’ system. This will give you the full functionality of a complete (but small) system at quite a lower initial price. Now, you have a fully functional system that can be added to at whatever rate you see fit.

This spreads the total amount of the system also giving time to get each machine setup onto the system. You could then add one or two a month.

OK so it’s not all roses, sometimes it may be slightly more expensive to build a system this way if a discount is given for larger system purchases. But this is down to individual suppliers and your negotiating skills.

If for cost comparison reasons, we'll target say a 20-machine system.

With a custom build type company, with HMI (Human Machine Interface) units on each machine, also stock control and current software integration.

I would say that you would be looking at around fifty thousand pounds. However at the other end of the scale with a modular system you could more than half that cost. With an added benefit that some modular systems can be built up machine by machine!

With a bit of savvy and research into machine information systems you can get something thats made to measure. Also the actual machine information you'd get wouldn't be any different.

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