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'In the box'

Hi, I've got around to the System 'In the box' page at last.

This is where all the aspects of systems stuff will be if it’s off the driven highway a bit, but still on the right side of things. Automation, programming, electrical wiring and electronics stuff are important enough for their own 'menu' pages so I'll leave those out of these areas.

These 'In the box' pages are for the little, almost (but never) incidental bits we come across in the design, construction, installation, operation of a machine or management information systems.

I came up with my in the box pages as an anchor page for MIS related stuff. There’s just three of 'em in total and this one is the last. Good juicy insider info will be glued into these 'In the box' pages next.

I'm assuming you've got the RSS thing sorted. Honest I won't mention another word about it!

As I have said before this 'in the box' page is to correlate all the related bits and thingy's I have come across.

One such topic I thought of is hexadecimal numbers, one of the number formats that computers use to pass data around, or more specifically the number base used.

Not just within MIS but in computers generally. Hexadecimal numbers are number values represented with a number base of sixteen.

Hex numbers are small point of course, but never the less, all to do with system integration, find out how you can ensure a smooth and seamless transition at your MIS commissioning time?

Keep your RSS eyes open for more bits 'n' pieces being added to all
these 'In the box' pages soon.

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