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Please be informed that all the search boxes within this website incorporate the use of SafeSearch and the searched results are site flavoured for your benefit.


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What is SafeSearch?
Many Google users prefer not to have adult sites included in their searched results. Google's SafeSearch screens for sites that contain pornography and explicit sexual content and eliminates them from the returned seached results. While no filter is 100% accurate, Google's filter uses advanced proprietary technology that checks keywords and phrases, URLs and Open Directory categories. So not much gets past it!

What is site-flavoured results?
Site-flavoured is an optional feature of Google search technology that allows a site to customize the searched results to be more relevant for the individual website topic. With the use of site-flavoured search, the learning technology will flavour your search results to be more customized to this site's themes and topics. Basically it give you better results more akin to what you're looking for.

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