Streamline like a professional!

Yes! You can . . . But how?

OK ok ok . . . Let's have a look at it.

How do you streamline your business? I mean you've already been running things as best as you can so far and doing a good job, I expect.

You must be otherwise you wouldn't still be there in business. Wouldn't you agree? Of course you do!

But how to streamline your business operations and production to maximum effect takes a little time of course. But most of all . . .

YEP! You guessed it information.

OK, so what sort of information or data are we looking for exactly.
Well, your sort, not to put too finer point on it.
Effective streamlining requires a bit of a trial and error process to verify things are going in the right direction.
The point I'm making here is there's precious little point in making changes in a streamlining exercise if you can't tell if it's being effective or not.

To that ends the specific information data you want to get from your machine/management information system must reflect this. The streamlining which is most effictive you probably have already done.

That would be the common sense things that basically make your businss tick along, but it's all the little bits and pieces of improvements that will make it really whirrr along.

Sometimes the smallest of change can bring about the biggest benefit in business operations and production. Something like making sure all new orders go straight onto the system and don't get forgotten.

The negative knock on effect of just one clients wishes falling by the wayside is really quite huge. The initial order is lost, so is any prospective repeat orders, as is any prospective recommendations etc.

You could just make that one streamline change such as ensuring all calls/orders are followed up promptly and gain 10% to 20% more business just through recommendations. How would you see this benefit in business operations and production? From the data supplied by your machine/management information systems history and current figures.

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